Our Team

Marv_David450Everwood Development is dedicated to creating partnerships to develop quality sustainable housing within the communities we serve.  With nearly a century of team experience each project is professionally guided by an Everwood partner.  These projects range from new mixed-use multi-family urbanism to rehabilitated multi-family workforce housing.

Our team has collectively developed over 55 real estate projects resulting in $600 million in assets. Our construction partner is Everwood Company Construction, a related entity where quality construction stands the test of time, allowing our developers to concentrate on their detailed management approach. Our stellar development team ensures that our real estate projects are not only financially feasible, they cash-flow and appreciate for our owners and clients.

Introducing OUR TEAM: (Click on the links to read more about each partner.)

David E. Dye, Principal (left)

Marv Kotek, Principal (right)